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{Available only in the full professional version}


While transmitting and receiving files, processing requests in the automatic mode, it is sometimes necessary to inform the operator about the operation performance status. It can be done with the help of reports. The DNC server can generate the following types of reports:


the file has been successfully received from the NC;

the file has not been successfully received from the NC;

the request has not been completed.


To edit report parameters, you should switch to the "Server mode/Reports" tab (fig.1).



Fig.1. Reports parameters editing.


Report type – selecting the report type which parameters you want to edit


Enable report - if you enable this option the current report will be generated and sent to the machine


Send in comments – the lines of the report generated from the template will be included between the comments


Number lines when sending - lines of the report generated from the template will be numbered starting at 1000 with the step of 10


Report text – the report text template you want to send. You can use variables in the report text. Generating the reports the additional variable set for the reports can be used.


Note: If you enable the "Number lines when sending" and "Send in comments" options, but you want some of the lines to be transmitted unchanged (without numbers and comments), put the '!' character at the beginning of the line (see the example below).


Template text example:








SIZE              $RECVFILESIZE$