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No data received on DNC server side

Problem: When trying to send data from the CNC to DNC, no data is received.


Check the port log

If no valid program name is found, then the port log might give you some indication of what is wrong. For this feature you need enable log message in the machine options. Then select machine from list in the main window and now you can see log at the bootom of window.


Check that you are using the correct serial port

Check the log combo box to verify that the server is actually receiving any data. If not, open the configuration dialog, and check that you have selected the correct serial port.


Handshake problem

Check that you are using the correct handshake method. If hardware handshake is not enabled, try selecting Set RTS high and/or Set DTR high in the serial port configuration options tab. Some machines use non-standard software handshake characters. If this is the case change the XOn character / XOff character in the serial port configuration dialog. For further information, please refer to Serial port.

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