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Sending files from other applications

Our software has a built-in DDE server. You can use this server to transfer files from other applications.


The following Windows registry entry can help you to detect a DNC Precision location:


SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\DNC Precision_is1,

Value: Inno Setup: App Path


The following Windows registry entry can help you to detect configured machines:


SOFTWARE\AGG Software\DNC Precision\Machines


You can search a running instance of DNC Precision by the class name

"TfrmDNCPrecise" (w/o quotes).


The following code allows you to detect, that application is started, all settings were loaded and program is initialized.


DNCP_IsStarted_Message = WM_USER+0x313;

SendMessageTimeout(windowHandle, DNCP_IsStarted_Message, 0, 0, SMTO_NORMAL, 300, msg_res);


Result: msg_res>0 - if all is ok.


DDE interface


DDE server parameters:


Service: dncprecise

Topic: DNCPDDEServer


Poke the string value "%d||SEND||%d||%s" (w/o quotes) to the DDE item "Commands", where


1.%d - DDE client identification number

2.SEND - command name

3.%d - machine index (zero based)

4.%s - file name with full path to a NC program file


If you'll wait a transfer status, then sometimes sends the following Windows message:


DNCP_GetState_Message = WM_USER+0x314;


if ( !SendMessageTimeout(windowHandle, DNCP_GetState_Message, 0, 0, SMTO_NORMAL, 300, msg_res) )


     msg_res = 0x80000000;


Flag1 = msg_res & 0x80000000;

Flag2 = msg_res & 0x40000000;

tranferred_bytes = msg_res & $3FFFFFFF; // number of transferred bytes


if Flag1 isn't set, then transfer is completed/terminated.

if Flag2 is changing, then the DNCP is transferring a file.


if the transfer is completed/terminated, then you can request a status string from the "Status" item. This DDE item return a pointer to a status string:


%d||%s, where


%d - status code

%s - status message