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About software

DNC Precision is a communications program specially developed to exchange data and programs between a computer and any Numerical Control (NC) machine. The program makes it possible to send and receive programs written in the machine language. DNC Precision can run on any computer compatible with Windows 2000 and higher, including servers.


This program can send and receive files both in the manual mode (under the control of the PC user) and automatically by receiving certain requests from the NC.


Main program features:


1.Working with several machines at a time if the system is built according to the radial scheme where each machine is connected to a separate serial port.
2.Creating separate configurations for several machines:
1.Configuring port parameters.
2.Using software or hardware handshaking.
3.Configuring the format of files that are sent and received.
4.Restricting users' access to the program settings.
5.Choosing a separate folder with programs for each machine.
3.Creating back-ups.
4.Working in the automatic mode when files are sent and received automatically.

5.    Processing commands transmitted in the header of a data block (only for machines supporting this feature).


Before you go on reading this guide, make sure you are well acquainted with the basic conceptions of the Windows operating system, such as:


Launching programs.

Managing windows.

Managing files (saving, deleting, opening, etc.).

Using folders and directories.


Company home page: https://www.aggsoft.com/

Software home page: https://www.aggsoft.com/dnc-precision.htm

Serial port hardware reference: https://www.aggsoft.com/rs232-pinout-cable/